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    Construction & Post Construction Cleaning Toronto

    As an industrial cleaning company, we have a firm grasp on the practical processes that follow a construction site clean-up. Constructions, renovations, refurbishments, and related projects lead to messy aftermath. Using a freshly constructed place isn’t possible without first cleaning it up thoroughly. The raw materials used during construction leave the entire place covered in thin films of dust, sand, cement powder, splashes, and similar materials. The structure may appear foggy and dusty despite being freshly built. To get the place cleaned up for use, we provide construction cleaning in Toronto that meets your quality requirements and deadlines.

    What is post-construction cleaning?

    Post-construction cleaning services are delivered to various commercial structures across Toronto. Post-construction cleaning deals with the mess that is left over after a structure has been completed. This can be after a renovation or even a minor refurbishment. Most renovations or construction work entails tear downs, excavations, digging, and use of raw materials that leave a residue that has to be cleaned out using professional industrial grade power washers and pressure cleaning machines. Our crew I qualified to work on such sites and we have what it takes to leave the place spotless.

    We use the right chemicals, cleaning tools, and techniques to preserve the vibrancy of the freshly renovated or newly constructed place while making sure that every corner of the place is cleaned thoroughly.

    When can you hire us?

    Great commercial cleaners have worked with contractors during the finishing phases of the construction work. we have a real-time understanding of what a construction site looks like and the materials we have to deal with. As such we customize our processes to suit the needs of the site.

    We are aware that there are materials that can be harmful to respiratory health and as such take all necessary precautions to clean out the entire structure. Whether it is a hotel, a restaurant a school, or a government facility we will work with the owner or the contractor to get the place in shape for use. we are equipped to work under deadlines and time constraints even if the builders are adding finishing touches.

    How does the leftover material removal work?

    Renovation Cleaning in Toronto isn’t just limited to cleaning up after a construction crew. This also means carefully removing any building materials that are hazardous and have been left over. These may include, shards of glass, nails, screws, iron, cement powders, broken/ cut tiles, wood, caulking, drywall, buckets, rakes, and other such materials that need to be handled with care.

    Our crew of commercial cleaning understands the complexities of work on a freshly renovated site. we begin our work by inspecting the location, discussing the details with any builders on site, and then carefully removing hazardous and recyclable materials from the site before bringing in power washers, pressure washing equipment, mops. Industrial-grade vacuums as well as hand-held vacuums. You can trust us to take care of anything left behind after the construction is complete. We make sure to incorporate your instructions throughout our services to make the cleaning process more effective.

    Why choose us for after builders cleaning?


    Safety measures

    Post-construction cleaning whether in Markham or Toronto deals with hazardous materials. Blunt edges, sharp objects, and materials as well as fall out from drywall building make it a potentially harmful venue. Our experts transform it into a safe zone by carefully removing hazardous materials and cleaning any residue from the construction work. if dust, mortar, and splashes of concrete or cement are not handled professionally it can become a cause for concern when you decide to use the structure.

    Save time

    Most commercial properties have an opening date attached to a freshly constructed building. This means that we have to complete cleaning in a given duration and do so effectively. Our procedural approach and the use of powerful machinery help us meet the shortest of deadlines with impeccable cleaning services.

    Save money

    While our renovation cleaning services across Toronto are priced amicably, you will, in general, save up on post-construction cleaning costs by trusting us with the job. Since already have the trained manpower and tools to get the job done, you don’t need to invest in cleaning tools or arrange janitorial staff to clean up.