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Great commercial cleaners specialize in car dealership clean-ups. We are a janitorial service business catering to the automotive industry for years. We tailor our procedure to meet all your cleaning needs effectively.

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Our expertise is rooted in customer convenience and attention to detail. Expert cleaners from our team first survey the dealership to design the perfect cleaning plan suitable for a business such as a dealership. Our crew will sweep, dust, mop, wash and scrub the entire building using non-toxic cleaners and subtle cleaning techniques. Our team will work on the waiting area, the offices, service bays, and clean-up tools and equipment you use regularly. With us on the job, you don’t have to worry about the place collecting lubricants, grease, and grime that is a result of housing and servicing vehicles on the premises. Besides the vehicles, employees, visitors, and regular deliveries to the dealership leave the apace in need of professional cleaning. We use industrial-grade vacuums, pressure washers, and floor scrubbers to get the grime and grease off the floors.

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We are your go-to experts whether you need day-to-day cleaning or a professional one-time deep clean, we are the people to call.

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