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    Window Cleaning

    Inside / Outside window wash for houses and commercial units

    Over the past decade or so, offices, corporate buildings, and even homes have shifted to glass or mirror walls that have been incorporated into the design for a more polished appearance. At Great commercial cleaners, we are well aware of the impact that the appearance of your offices has on the image of your business. While this may not be the primary point of connection between you and your clients, commercial window cleaning adds value to the deal. Similarly, smudged windows on residential property aren’t the best look for your home.

    How can we add value to window cleaning for you?

    Great commercial cleaners take pride in customer satisfaction. This is why each of our services is accompanied by an experience. When our customers choose us for one of the several cleaning solutions we promise, we make sure to go the extra mile and leave the customer happy with our work.

    We amplify the quality of window cleaning

    Although window cleaning seems like a basic household chore, the difference between our work and everyday cleaning is drastic. The cleaning processes and gear we use is specialized equipment meant to clean glass and mirror windows professionally. Our crew is experienced and trained to work at heights using protective gear while maintaining the quality of service you expect from us.

    What makes our work highly effective is our understanding of cleaning products and the use of cleaners that do not react with the type of glass you have on your windows.

    Our cleaning also qualifies as maintenance

    When you invest in our service, we make sure to use cleaning systems that preserve the integrity of the structure rather than add to its wear and tear. Most residential customers don’t opt for residential window cleaning services and use in-house cleaning solutions to make the windows “appear clean”. This has more repercussive effects than benefits.

    Whether we are cleaning windows for a commercial space or a home, we make sure to use the right techniques and reduce the effects of wear and tear. Leaving contaminants, fogging, stains and water spots on windows for a long can affect the longevity of the glass. Our cleaning protocols improve the lifespan of these accents and reduce the long-term expenditure of having to replace the windows. Keeping the windows clean throughout the year is an excellent way of reducing deformities in the glass.

    We are time efficient

    We understand that running business activities while a cleaner is harnessed on the side of your window isn’t the preferred look for corporate locations. While homeowners maybe a little more flexible than this, we manage to stay on schedule with the cleaning using professional planning tools and gear meant for the job. We have access to resources such as ladders, scaffolding, harnesses, and glass cleaners that remove stains, fogging, and sticky substances from the face of the window. While delivering commercial window cleaning services, our experts customize their on-site activities to ensure that they are done with the work on time.

    Let us keep you safe

    Training- is the key factor that separates the quality of our services from regular clean-ups. Our experts are trained to work on commercial office cleaning no matter the height and width of the building. They are familiar with the helping equipment that makes reaching windows placed higher up easy. They are trained to maintain their balance and deal with unforeseen circumstances effectively. In addition to this, we schedule the window cleaning according to weather forecasts and make sure to keep risky elements to a minimum. You can stay safe while enjoying a clear view from your offices when experts from our team are on the job.

    Prevent additional energy consumption

    Compromised windows can open up the building to drafts. Whether we are cleaning windows for homes or working on a commercial structure, we make sure to inform the customers if the windows have cracks and gaps. It is difficult to find a crack in the window and a slightly open window pane, or a window with gaps especially when it is placed high up. If our crew sees any such discrepancies, we make it a point to inform you. getting repairs done in time can prevent a lot of expenses.