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    Floor Wax Removal

    Floor Wax Removal Services in Toronto and Surrounding Areas

    What Is the Step-By-Step Procedure for Floor Wax Removal in Toronto?

    There are many methods available to achieve the wax removal service from hardwood in Toronto but we provide the service in a detailed manner. Follow through to know how we provide you with the complete solution for floor wax removal in Toronto.

    Our professional technician cleaners follow the most efficient approach to cleaning your commercial workspace. The cleaning methods and materials we use for wax removal for your hardwood floors in Toronto are unbeatable and time efficient while providing a spotless floor.

    Gathering The Supplies

    The first step we start with is to have all the equipment we need under one roof. So that no one’s time gets wasted.

    Move Out The Furniture

    Before we start the floor wax removal in Brampton or Toronto, we ensure all the space we need is clear to start. So, we move all the moveable furniture out of the scene.

    A Single Round Of Dust Mop

    After moving out all the valuables, give the scene of the cleaning area a light round of regular mop to make sure no dust or debris gets in the way and the maximum of it has been taken out already.

    Make Your Boundary

    We tape off the room or area you don’t want to apply the wax removal service for hardwood on, in Markham. It would make the next steps of stripping and waxing easier.

    Precautions Of Floor Wax Removal Services in Brampton

    We never forget to take precautions before starting off with the floor wax removal service in Brampton.  The usual but essential precautions to follow are wet floor signs, gloves, and shoes for yourself.

    Deal With Baseboard first

    We will use a baseboard stripper to clean the baseboard with the exact equipment that it needs. The stripper will get off the wax and any other dust and junk on the baseboard. Give it some time to clean properly. Then mop it off to get rid of years of debris from the baseboard for you.

    Apply The Floor Stripper

    The step you are waiting for is finally here. Now is the time for wax removal for hardwood floors in Markham. Choose the mop type carefully according to the dimensions of your space to get the job done perfectly and within the given time limit. This increases the chance of achieving quality service all the clients ask us for.

    Strategic Pattern of Mopping

    We follow a proper pattern when stripping the floor with the solution. This makes it time efficient and also, we won’t be applying the solution on the same spot during a single round.

    What Floor Pad Works Great in Wax Removal for Vinyl Plank Flooring in Markham?

    There are multiple varieties of floor pads to choose from in the pool of options. However, the most suitable type of floor pad is considered after knowing the condition of the floor, dimensions of the room, daily traffic usage of the floor, etc.

    All these variables are observed to come up with the perfect floor pad type to use in the flooring machine to provide the cleaning service of your dreams.

    Handle The Floor Machine With Care

    The most essential reason for not letting an amateur do the job is that things can go wrong if you took a wrong turn with the machine. The machine is difficult to handle for an ordinary and unskilled person. So, that’s why only hire a reputed cleaning service provider like Great Commercial Cleaners with the service of wax removal from hardwood in Brampton.

    More Advanced Equipment For Floor Wax Removal In Markham

    In the next step, one can always use a regular mop or scrubber of any kind but for more efficiency, a wet vacuum can be used for better finishing of the floor.

    The First Round Of Floor Finish

    We put the floor finish in the machine for better productivity. This way it will not get mixed up with environmental debris like dust or humidity.

    Variety Of Mops To Choose

    There is no hard and fast rule for the type of shape of the mop to use but we are open to the most suitable options according to the expert opinion. Or can go with any of your preferences. There is a flat mop system, monofilament mop, white and blue striped, and traditional screw-in top rayon mop.

    Dip The Mop With Wax

    We dip the mop with the wax and don’t take it out dripping. We give it a little tap to unsoaked most of the wax so only the required amount will be applied. Also, this way the spillage and splashes are taken care of and happen at a minimum.

    Let It Dry Before The Next Coat

    In average situations, four to five coats of finishing are enough to get going but let the previous coat dry properly before applying the next round.

    Do Professionals Use Fans To Dry Right Away?

    It is not necessary to use a fan but a better approach is to wait for at least 10 minutes then turn on the fan if needed to speed up. We don’t fan the floor directly because it might move the liquid wax it would point fingers at the job work.

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