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    Construction & Post Construction Cleaning Markham

    Recently renovated your offices? Let us get the place cleaned up before you begin operations. Great commercial cleaners have extensive experience providing construction cleaning services in Toronto and Markham. We are licensed post-construction cleaners who can take on the responsibility for cleaning up a recently renovated or freshly built structure before you decide to open your doors. No matter what the size of the building we will get it done in time and deliver unmatched quality of cleaning in doing so.

    Is post-construction cleaning a necessity?

    Yes. Post-construction cleaning is an integral part of renovations, building projects, remodeling, and so on. the primary reason for such a necessity in the aftermath of construction is that leaves rooms, stairs, common areas, and the exteriors of a building covered in dust, debris and construction fall out. Our team of professional post-construction cleaners in Markham effectively removes any residue from the recent construction, leaving the place spotless.

    As cleaning up after construction is challenging, to say the least, it is best to leave it to our team of professionals. We are familiar with the subtleties of working in a contractor’s space and make sure to follow any guidelines our customer lays out for our crew.

    Our basic checklist for post-renovation/ construction cleaning

    After construction cleaning deals with the fallout from construction activities. While most contractors will do a light clean-up, this isn’t enough to make the place usable. Our cleaning service doesn’t just deal with light cleaning (sweeping, dusting, mopping), but a deeper cleaning routine is followed to leave the place spotless.

    We clean up all parts of the structure from the roof, to the exteriors to the sidewalks outside your commercial property. we first design a checklist which is also given to the customer to give them an idea of the types of cleaning needs we will be addressing. You can always add to the checklist to suit any customized needs you have

    • Wall, door, and windowpane cleaning
    • Power washing and drying for all floors, inside and outside the building
    • Removal of adhesive materials from around the property
    • Dusting using handheld vacuums that are powerful enough to suck even the tiniest particles of dust from walls, doors, and other surfaces across the property
    • Sweeping, power-washing, mopping, and polishing
    • Trim clean-ups
    • Cleaning the threshold
    • Thorough cleaning for all appliances on-site
    • Removal of left-over building materials
    • Final inspection


    Since most construction cleaning projects are time-sensitive, we make it a point to complete a final inspection and prefer that our clients be present to ensure all of their requirements and concerns have been addressed.

    Our process

    Our industrial cleaning company crew first assess the condition of the place and the extent of clean-up needed. This is followed by a checklist that is designed to address precisely what your property reeds.

    We complete the clean-up in phases

    Initial cleaning

    This is the first step in clearing the premises after the completion of the construction work. we often come across leftover wires, pipes, buckets, and debris from the construction, plumbing, and electrical work.

    As post-construction cleaners in Markham, we make it a point to familiarize our crew with the basics of cleaning up just after the construction crew has left. We carefully remove heavy and large objects from the site and then follow up with a regular sweeping routine just to remove any prominent dust and debris particles. This is done to clear out the place and prepare it for further cleaning. Sweeping does little for a construction site. however, it is an integral part of the initial process.

    Targeted cleaning

    This step involves focusing on particular areas of the structure such as bathrooms, kitchens, and so on. we start by cleaning up the tiles, floors, bathroom fixtures, appliances, and glass fixtures. We use the latest technology to make a visible difference in the cleanliness of the place.

    Completion and inspection

    Whether we are adding the finishing touches to a recently renovated property or delivering full-fledged post-construction cleaning, we always make it a point to run an inspection after the clean-up. This helps us improve the quality of our services and increase customer satisfaction greatly. We also provide commercial and office cleaning in Markham.