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    Commercial & Office Cleaning Services Brampton

    You would be surprised at the dirt and bacteria a place of employment produces in a day. As professional commercial cleaner in Brampton we provide day-to-day cleaning for some of the biggest corporate giants in the industrial world and the dirt we remove in a day reiterates the necessity of our service.

    What should we do for you?

    As a cleaning company, it is our job to find the most effective cleaning solutions for your corporate structure. Our crew is dedicated to making a visible difference when they are responsible for keeping your offices and businesses in Brampton spotless.

    We will use a little elbow grease, the Whirl-a-way power washing, or the most high-powered pressure washer there is to clean out the exteriors and interior of your corporate structure.

    What does our office cleaning service for Brampton entail?

    Official cleaning is a subjective job. Offices need to be cleaned regularly but how we address their concerns depends on several factors

    • The geographical location
    • The major concern
    • The size of the office
    • The number of employees on-site

    These are the basic points of information that we focus the rest of the cleaning service on. when you first get in touch with us, we begin by visiting your location for a walkthrough.

    What is a walk-through service?

    Before our experts reach your office for a clean-up, we send in a professional to complete a walk-through of your location. This includes a discussion with you which dictates all necessary precautions and cleaning necessities for us.

    The expert conducting the walk-through will ask questions regarding the number of employees on the premises, the details of the exact services you need (pantry cleaning, dishwashing, window wash, clearing the fridge and storage, managing official inventory, organizing desks), and inform you whether a particular cleaning need (glass wall cleaning, window cleaning, stairway cleaning, oven cleaning) will take up additional time or if they are a part of interval cleaning services.

    They will discuss the packages we offer for cleaning offices in Markham, in detail. You can always add or subtract services as you like. Our expert might inquire why you want to outsource the service to us. this information will help us hone in on the problem areas and build a cleaning system that targets your concerns precisely.

    Since we are a full-service commercial cleaning company, we have the tools necessary to clean a single floor of offices to an entire building. You can expect us to cover additional services if you like.

    Do you need a full-fledged commercial cleaning service for your facility in Brampton?

    Owning a commercial property is riddled with responsibility. Not only are you burdened with keeping production going but also maintaining the place. Our commercial service targets the maintenance aspect of running a commercial space.

    Therefore, if you are wondering if a professional commercial cleaning service is what you need? Then the answer is simple; yes. With great commercial cleaners on the job, you can book a complete top-to-bottom clean out including, carpet and upholstery washing.

    Our crew is qualified to handle the largest of commercial properties effectively. We use powerful machinery to focus on large surface cleaning, however, wherever needed we are not afraid to use hand-held cleaning tools and chemical solutions.

    Our commercial cleaning processes

    Great commercial cleaners are known for their propensity to remain effective while using non-toxic or abrasive solutions. This, however, depends on the type of flooring, doors, stairs, and extent of dirt we need to clean. This is why we first complete a walkthrough preferably with the owner or administrator to discuss the preferred methods and our cleaning process. to ensure the effectiveness of our service and to engage customer satisfaction we create a checklist that includes (but isn’t limited to)

    • Empty trash cans, reline when needed
    • Vacuum floors
    • Wash, dry and mop floors
    • Dusting all possible surfaces
    • Door knobs, outlets, and switch cleaning
    • Light fixture dust downs
    • Floor polishing and cleaning
    • Spot and stain removal
    • Wipe down for glass doors
    • Clean-up for all desks, tables, chairs, and computing equipment
    • Window cleaning
    • Pantry clean-up followed by sanitizing
    • Mold removal after a mold test
    • Fogging concerns tackled professionally
    • Carpet washing and drying
    • Restroom, lobby, and washroom cleaning
    • Polish all furniture and floors
    • Vacuum stairs
    • Exterior wash using power and pressure washing
    • Concrete floor cleaning
    • Sidewalk washing

    These are some of our basic office and commercial cleaning services. You can certainly add to the list before or after the completion of the service.