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    Commercial & Office Cleaning Services Scarborough

    Commercial cleaning requires an experienced understanding of how places of business conduct productive activities and what the nature of a business entails. At Great commercial cleaners, we are well acquainted with the specifics of providing cleaning services to offices, and corporate venues.

    What should you expect from our commercial cleaning service in Scarborough?

    Most companies have an in-house janitorial staff that takes care of day-to-day affairs. As such when you hire us for a commercial clean-up, we understand that you are looking for a higher standard of cleaning. Even if you hire us instead of in-house janitors for day-to-day office cleaning, we understand the expectations you have of us. As such we base our entire service on what the customer needs and what the venue we are hired to clean requires.

    We first design a checklist that is suited to your corporate building’s needs. This is the first step to customizing the entire cleaning routine. Different commercial venues have different needs for instance when working at a school we often need to use harsher cleaning materials to clean up bathrooms and get stains out from the floors. In addition to this, libraries and school labs have to be cleaned following safety processes cleared by the school.

    Our commercial cleaning service is extremely effective due to our adherence to the guidelines and directions that our customers provide.

    What does our office cleaning service entail?

    Commercial cleaning services do not offer a flexible cleaning window and we have to keep up with schedules, time, and budget constraints. As a professional service, we have access to powerful cleaning solutions such as steamers. Buffers, vacuums, and pressure cleaning machines help us cover more ground in a limited time.

    If you have decided to trust us with the workplace cleaning service in Scarborough, here is a peek into what follows


    Our customers often begin their collaboration with us after they have discussed the details of the service they expect and the costs for the said service. We make sure to give you estimates based on real-time market prices and accurate costs whether for construction cleaning or move in cleaning.


    We encourage our customers to book a call-out or inspection before we begin our work. the effectiveness of our commercial cleaning comes from the effort we make to obtain first-hand knowledge of your venue, nature, or your business and your operation times. During the inspection, our crew will visit your location, discuss the details of the service based on their expert knowledge and the location itself. After the survey, our expert will design a procedure that will be followed by the cleaning crew when the cleaning work begins.


    After a procedure is designed, we move to schedule our visit. Depending on whether you need a routine cleaning service, weekend cleaning, or seasonal cleaning; a time will be decided. You can expect our office cleaning crew in Scarborough to be punctual and professional.

    Specialized tools

    Most corporate structures are built over massive areas and this requires powerful machinery and manpower to clean up. As a building cleaning company, we have the right tools to get your office gleaming in no time. We use

    • Floor cleaners
    • Mops
    • Floor and furniture polishes
    • Multipurpose cleaning sprays
    • Disinfectant sprays and sprayers
    • Mildew cleaning solutions
    • Mold and algae cleaning solutions
    • Tile and grout cleaning solutions
    • De-scaling tools
    • Grease removal solutions
    • Toilet cleaning solutions
    • Pantry cleaning tools
    • Bleach
    • Sanitizing equipment
    • Power washers
    • Pressure washers
    • Steam cleaners
    • Vacuums
    • Buffers
    • Carpet cleaners

    These are the most commonly used tools in our field of work. while we customize our equipment use according to the needs of the commercial cleaning project, these are the basic tools that we use to deliver lasting cleaning services.

    Final inspection

    Once we are done with our work, we will complete a final inspection checking each nook and cranny of the corporate building to ensure that you are satisfied with our work. You can get in touch today or book a consultation with us to get an idea of the type of commercial cleaning service you need in Scarborough. We are the best in the business and aim to deliver an unmatched quality of service.