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    Commercial & Office Cleaning Services Markham

    We are a full-service commercial cleaning solution in Markham that offers convenient and affordable cleaning for various kinds of commercial venues. Our services incorporate the use of the latest cleaning technology and our first-hand experience in the industry to deliver cleaning services in Markham that have remained unmatched since our inception.

    Why invest in a commercial cleaning service?

    Professional commercial cleaning is customized to deal with the fallout of business activities. Employees, visitors, and even the maintenance staff (janitor, etc.) on-site lead to the accumulation of dust and dirt in hefty amounts. To deal with the rapid accumulation of dirt on the premises, professional cleaning tools, and qualified cleaners are a necessity.

    Great commercial cleaners have built a strong repertoire for delivering reliable corporate cleaning services across Markham. we have worked on various schools, offices, industrial plots, hotels, and post construction cleaning in the Markham garnering valued experience and customer satisfaction along the way. With several years in the industry, we have perfected our approach to any corporate cleaning challenge there is.

    If you are looking for a suitable cleaning company for your corporate building, day-to-day cleaning, or office clean-up we are the people for you. Here is what we have to offer

    Guaranteed solutions

    Great commercial cleaners are fully equipped to work on the most run-down commercial venues. Offices, old commercial plots, factories, schools, or restaurants.

    Get rid of Mold

    Mold is a harmful organic substance that can be detrimental to the health of your employees. It can also cause serious structural damages as well as harm any inventory you have on-site. our crew will set up dehumidifiers, wear protective gear, remove any paneling or woodwork that is covered in mold and cannot be restored, and then follow up with an antimicrobial spray.

    Mold in most cases is a seasonal menace that can harm wooden structures faster than termites, fires, or water damage. We are certified to run mold tests and get the space mold-free and treated in time.

    Carpet deep-cleaning

    During our commercial cleaning visits to offices or business centers in Markham, we often see rugs and carpets as part of the décor. Although it enhances the aesthetic appeal of the venue, carpets and rugs are hot spots for the growth of bacteria, allergens, and contaminants. You can trust our crew of expert technicians to first vacuum the carpet, remove any prominent stains using 7th generation non-toxic cleaners and rubbing alcohol. This is followed by power washing or vacuum steaming depending on the condition and design of the carpets. The same goes for upholstery. The first step is an examination which is followed by vacuuming or steaming and then disinfection spray. Once our professional carpet cleaning is done with the cleaning, they will advise you to maintain the carpet by cleaning (vacuuming) it at least once a week with 2 or 3 deep cleans each year.

    Floor cleaning

    Whether you have hired us for office cleaning services or industrial venue cleaning anywhere in Markham, floor cleaning needs remain the same. It is recommended to vacuum floors at least once a week depending on the dust and dirt that accumulates every day. However, for corporate and industrial buildings our technicians use powerful floor scrubbers to clean out any grime, grease, grout, and dirt that has accumulated onto the floors.

    For large concrete floors, we first spray a mixture of soap and water (sometimes warm), then a mechanical scrubber is used to carefully clean the entire floor including corners which is followed by a wet vacuum (sucks the water and soap off the floor) after which the floor is dried using a mop.

    We use quality cleaning solutions that work wonders for old and un-kept floors leaving the surface reflective. For freshly laid floors, even resin and vinyl we customize our cleaning system and settings on the machines being used.

    Windows and wall bases

    Removing water spots, dust lines, grime and anything else stuck to the window panes as well as the wall bases is part of the deal. We use disposal brushes to manually clean wall bases across your property. 

    Windows on the other hand are cleaned using a chemical mixture of glass cleaner and water followed by wiping and drying using microfiber cloths only. We believe that our work stands out only when we use quality products and the right techniques to complete office and corporate cleaning across Markham.