Motivated to clean, sanitize, deodorize and disinfect your fitness facility

We are qualified to help you maintain the standard of cleanliness that your members expect from your fitness facility. Our crew of expert cleaners will provide high-quality cleaning for everyday needs at a gym as well as complete deep cleaning routines at given intervals.

Full-service gym cleaning under one roof


We discuss a cleaning schedule for the facility that incorporates various targeted solutions for varying cleaning needs that are most common for a gym. Our crew will sweep and mop the floors. Wipe down all workout gear and spray it with disinfectants, clean out windows, weighing machines, coffee machinery, saunas, bathrooms, and restrooms as well as locker areas on the premises. You can request a separate carpet, floor, and rug washing routine to keep germs and contaminants from infesting the place. The purpose of a gym is to contribute to a healthy lifestyle and we consider it our responsibility to keep the place healthy and free of pollutants for members, trainers, and staff.

Our schedules match your convenience

You can begin with a routine cleaning schedule or opt for a monthly cleaning service with our crew. We are happy to assist!

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