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    Hardwood Cleaning Toronto

    Why Do You Need Our Hardwood Cleaning Services in Toronto?

    We clean commercial sites like buildings, corporate structures, restaurants, and offices. Different areas of a commercial building have different traffic percentages and the possibility of damage. This is why you can’t expect the same procedure to be followed during the cleaning of different sites. Some offices would have a hardwood floor in a reasonable condition but the other side of the building might not which is why that area will require a different approach.

    The process of hardwood cleaning also includes some other assistance like floor waxing. We deal with floor wax removal in case that needs replacement and the new waxing will provide you a much better impression of elegance which the last waxing couldn’t. This step is only to ensure the extended lifetime of your hardwood floor cleaning.

    Our goal is to make people notice the change you brought into your home and fascinate them to ask for details. Also, to make your home a better and more hygienic place for you and your loved ones.

    What Does Our Hardwood Cleaning Service Entail?

    The process involves high determination, the latest equipment, and advanced cleaning agents. Our cleaning professionals use all of them and curate a method of their own to bring the required results.

    The skillful, trained, registered and insured crew has been dealing in construction cleaning services for a long time now. These experienced cleaning experts know all the ways to provide customized cleaning services and leave your floor shiny but not slippery.

    The cleaners used in our services don’t harm the environment i.e., are called eco-friendly environment. Properly applied protective coat and strip on the hardwood floor will reduce the accidental slips to the least. Also, regular maintenance and being alert to food spillage or stains on the floor can extend its lifetime.

    Our team of cleaning agents follows each step of the hardwood cleaning procedure. First, pre-clean and then deep cleaning services are done which also include paying attention to the edges that are often overlooked. In this step, the surfaced dirt and a deeper level of dust will be taken out providing a cleaner floor.

    We carefully move your furniture around the house so that no corner is left unchecked. A round of tap water is used to clear out any cleaning product residue on the hardwood baseboard. In the last step, a final touch-up is given to make sure that every step has played its role well. Applying a protective finish is optional but is recommended for a high-quality life span.

    Why Us?

    When you decide to book someone for a hardwood floor cleaning job visit Great Commercial Cleaners. We prioritize your needs and our customized service entails all your project details along with providing the expected results.

    We assure you after the service your floor will be good as new, shine more than ever, and will stay that way for years to come. Call us now to help you hide the damaged, uneven or dull part of your hardwood so the features of the other part can highlight more properly.