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    Move in / Move Out Cleaning

    Moving into a new space or out of an old one is stressful as it is. There are so many activities going on at the same time and all are equally important. Let great commercial cleaners take off the burden of cleaning from your shoulders. We are professionals who specialize in move-in and move out cleaning services Throughout Toronto.

    Purpose of relocation cleaning

    The primary purpose of a move-in or move-out cleaning is to prepare the place for a final inspection or to move into a freshly cleaned office or corporate structure. If you are planning to relocate anytime soon, Great commercial cleaners can take care of the clean-up for you. you can book us to complete move-out cleaning on the place you are vacating and follow up with move-in cleaning at the new location.

    We are the right choice for move-in / move-out cleaning in Toronto?

    We believe that a professional service such as ourselves has the responsibility of leaving any place we clean visibly spotless. Our processes are progressive and go beyond basic sweeping, mopping, and dusting procedures. We will

    • Dust
    • Sweep
    • Mop
    • Wash
    • Dry
    • Sanitize
    • And disinfect

    Furthermore, we use customized cleaning settings on all our cleaning machinery to deliver maximum cleaning in a short while. Most relocation cleaning projects have time constraints as people prefer to move into a freshly cleaned space. The same goes for move-out cleaning.

    Each of these services has specific thresholds that need to be met. We make sure that during a move-out our cleaning service complies with the standards set by the landlord. The same goes for the move-in service. We make sure that our move-in cleaning meets your requirements down to a Tee.

    What to expect from a move-in cleaning?

    Move-in cleaning is just as complex as move-out cleaning. For us meeting the directions of the client is a necessity and we don’t compromise on quality ever. Since we specialize in cleaning out corporate structures in Toronto the cleaning routine differs from a regular residential relocation extensively.

    We make sure that the place you are moving in is free of any contaminants from the previous owners and that there are no residual dust particles, old and worn-out carpets, and upholstery or odors on-site. we customize our approach depending on the time and budgetary constraints of our clients. You can book two types of move-in cleaning services with us

    Basic cleaning

    this is a service that works for freshly built structures. As this is more of a preparatory cleaning, there is no build-up, dirt, grime, and contamination from previous use that we need to clean. This service focuses on polishing the appearance of the place while removing allergens, garbage, inside window clean and contaminants from the place.

    Premium cleaning

    This process is more suited to properties that have been in use before you decided to move in, we have to deal with several unknown elements left over by previous owners and to restore the space to its original cleanliness extensive cleaning procedures and more time is needed.

    What to expect from a move-out cleaning service in Toronto?

    When moving out from an officer industrial building it may be courteous to get a professional cleaning done on the premises getting it ready for the people that follow. However, in some cases, you are required by law to clean up after you have vacated the premises. This cleaning usually comes with a ready-made checklist that has to be fulfilled for the tenant to get the deposit back or permission to finalize the moveout. This service also has two types

    Basic move-out cleaning

    This cleaning includes routine cleaning processes that leave the space spotless but does not address the deep cleaning needs of the place.

    Premium cleaning

    This is a fully customized cleaning solution that addresses the grime and mucks the exhausts have collected, old and dirty carpets as well as buffing the floors to a shine.

    You can customize the checklist yourself to get exactly what you need out of our contract. As a well-known relocation cleaning solution in Toronto, we have the experience, tools, and license to work with your requirements.