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    Commercial & Office Cleaning Services Ajax

    Our Office cleaning services in Ajax

    As commercial cleaners in Ajax, we often work on corporate venues that have been in a state of neglect or have always been cleaned by in-house janitorial staff. This does little for maintenance-based cleaning needs and often the corporate venues we work on have excessive grout buildup, mold at the base of the structure, or the corners and wall-bases are lined with dust. When our experts reach your location, we first begin by completing a walk-through of the place to check all possible areas that are often neglected during everyday cleaning. The goal for our experts is to provide deep-cleaning that targets all areas on the property and those spaces that have been neglected during everyday janitorial cleaning.

    Our work as a reputed office cleaning service in Ajax; prompts us to consistently expand and adapt to the needs of our customers. The range of services we offer covers all on-site cleaning services including working on post-construction cleaning.

    Why our work remains unmatched

    Our experts understand the significance of keeping a workplace clean and the perception of your customers in mind when we take on a commercial cleaning project in Oshawa and Ajax. We understand that the quality of our work, in turn, affects the quality of your business and we take this responsibility very seriously.

    As such, you can expect

    Complete HVAC clean-up

    The HVAC system bears the brunt of routine activities on commercial premises. The fallout of industrial activities, fumes from petroleum products, and the contaminants from consistent cooking evaporate into the ducts, exhausts, and other ventilation units on the property. our crew of cleaners especially when working on restaurant cleaning in Ajax, flush out the grime and dust from the ducts, clean out the hoods and make sure the central cooling or heating system is free of dust particles that can clog ventilation.  We make sure to improve air quality by cleaning each HVAC fixture and vent interiors thoroughly.

    Carpets and upholstery

    Carpets have a relentless capacity to suck up dirt and contaminants. While the immediate difference may not be noticeable to the naked eye, this decorative piece can easily turn into an eyesore. A dust-ridden carpet with fade-spots and discoloration isn’t the best look for a commercial space.  Our commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning service in Ajax target the major contaminants on a carpet while maintaining their vibrancy.

    We also customize the wash cycles according to the condition of the carpets and make sure to pump out excess moisture before we sanitize and deodorize the rug.

    Windows and tile

    Floor cleaning is our forte. We specialize in de-greasing and stain removal for all types of flooring materials be it concrete or tiles. In addition to this, we offer commercial window cleaning services in Oshawa Ajax. Whether you have a high-rise corporate building or a regular office we can clean out the windows on the premises efficiently.

    We customize the entire procedure according to the type of tiles we are cleaning. We begin by a thorough sweep up of the place followed by vacuuming and buffing the floors for a gleaming finish. Once the floors have been washing thoroughly our crew will wipe down the floor and continue with a final mop to leave the place spotless.

    Similarly, our experts cover windows in a formulation of soap and water followed by a wipe down using specialized window-wipers getting the corners and joints precisely.

    Disinfection and sanitization

    Commercial venues are high-traffic places that see various types of contaminants, viruses, bacterial infections, and mold on any given day. Our commercial cleaning and disinfection services for offices and industrial venues in Pickering and Ajax covers disinfection and sanitization. You can opt for complete floor-down disinfection done using industrial-grade equipment that gets each corner and surface in the building.

    You can book our services for a regular disinfection routine to maintain a healthy workplace follow by testing and inspection for any mold growth along with the property. The trick to maintaining a commercial property is keeping it clean, pest-free, and mold-free. Besides this, our cleaning company targets organic growths along with the property as well as the roof to prevent water damage and major structural damages in the long run.