The construction itself is a stressful process that soaks out every last drop of sweat from your body. Even if you are a construction contractor or the owner, it applies to both.

Post-Construction Efforts

However, the hardship doesn’t end here, and you still have a lot of trials left after the process that you didn’t even think about. One of the most basic trials is post-construction cleaning.  These problems can leave you with a wide-open mouth because contractors will leave as soon as the project is completed. Although some of them will clear out the debris or put it aside, there still be remains and a lot of dust and mud.

Finally, you’ll be left with the dirt and garbage that is still needed to be taken care of. And you know that you cannot do it on your own because it takes a lot of effort and you have no experience of doing that. Thus, hiring professionals for this job is the best option for you.

On the other hand, there are different phases of post-construction cleaning that you might want to know about if you have just built a commercial building or renovated it.

Why Is Post Construction Necessary?

Before we jump into those phases, firstly, you need to understand why it is important. Well, you know why cleaning is important. What if I tell you that different health risks come along with that if you ignore post-construction cleaning?

Yes, it is possible that if you leave it and the dirt is not that visible, it can lead to illnesses, and that would be a bad impression on your clients.

On the other hand, your building will not give the impression that was needed from it. People visiting your office or commercial might bounce back if they do not see everything cleaned.

So, it is clear that construction cleaning in Toronto is important, and you require professionals to complete this job.

In this blog, we have collected those three phases of cleaning that you should look at.

3 Phases of Post-Construction Cleaning


After the required wiring, plumbing, and finishing of your building, there might be some residue left which is needed to be cleaned. Although many contractors do it themselves, some might say that it wasn’t in the contract. Or, they just clean up from the surface but leave many things like nails and other construction scum there.

In this way, you must hire experts to complete this job and make a better impression on your visitors.

This process includes the basic cleaning of things from the surface or moving things to the right place. It does not include in-depth cleaning or vacuuming of any kind and takes a really little time.

Light Clean

This one is surely the most tiring and long process that you might have to face. This starts after the construction is completed and when the rough cleaning is done. It involves a lot of cleaning patterns such as vacuuming, removal of stickers from the window, dusting, trim cleaning, threshold cleaning, and more.

Likewise, different other aspects are needed to be taken care of, and only professional cleaners can help you with that.

Even if you have just renovated your building, it is always a smart move to call for renovation cleaning in MarkhamWhy? Because renovation also leaves a lot of dust and dirt as construction does. So, make sure to dial the right number at the right time.

Final Touch Ups

These touch-ups happen two to three days after the second phase is over. It is delayed because the dust takes some time to settle in, and the cleaning crew will have more time to examine it.

The good news is that this process does not take that much time because the crew only checks up the whole building and removes smudges, prints, and the remaining dirt.

Other than that, they just try to make sure that everything is spotless and perfect. This process can also be called inspection. So, it can also be done after the move-in, and you do not have to worry about that.

Do Not Wait for The Contractors to Clean

After these steps, you know how much labor it takes for post-construction cleaning. So, it would not be wise to ask the construction company to do that. They would not say no to you, and with charging a little bit more, they would clean it.

However, you cannot expect the quality and in-depth cleansing that you can get from professionals. So, make a smart move by hiring specialists for this job.

Try Great Commercial Cleaners

Our proficient and experienced team will provide you in-depth cleaning of the post-construction mess. They are highly equipped with the required skill-set that makes them reliable for this job. So, do not waste a single second and give us a call to get the best post-construction cleaning at reasonable rates.

If you want to know more and understand the significance of professional office cleaning, then also check out our blog.