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Why getting professional services for office cleaning is better

Offices are high-traffic places that see people from all walks of life and varying hygiene practices. To keep the place genuinely clean, you have to either invest in an in-house janitorial staff or opt for a professional service much like ours. Great commercial cleaners are office cleaning experts well acquainted with the challenges of keeping an office clean. We understand why professional office cleaning is necessary and the results our customers expect from us.

Is our professional office cleaning service worth it?

We often come across customers who have reservations regarding a third-party cleaning service. We completely understand your concerns and discuss the particulars of the service you need with you before designing a schedule. As to why our office cleaning service is worth the investment, here are some reasons


We do not follow a standard procedure when cleaning offices, as commercial cleaners, we have come across a fair share of offices that require a little extra cleaning or tailored cleaning processes to get the day out of the tiles and grout.

Our work is effective because we plan and make sure to book a visit with our prospective clients to get a first-hand idea of what they expect and what they think are the problem areas. This approach certainly adds to the overall benefits of professional office cleaning. 

Quality products

Much like our process, we make it a point to discuss the chemicals and cleaners we will use to clean your offices. You can opt for eco-friendly products, specific cleaners for the pantry, and added disinfecting treatments. We make sure to provide you with all possible options before you finalize us for the service.

Why is office cleaning a necessity?

An office, on average, experiences far more foot traffic than any home. This alone is the primary reason to maintain a routine that is best suited for the place. Besides the obvious benefit of keeping the space clean, there are several other advantages of office cleaning that you can benefit from

Employee morale

As the saying goes, a clean environment-a clear head.” This is completely applicable to a workspace and all those working in it. Employees and visitors tend to appreciate a well-kept place. Clean desks, empty trash cans, pest-free bathrooms, and pantries are inviting spaces that any employee would enjoy rather than resent. We understand how our cleaning procedure affects the overall ambiance of the offices we clean and, as such, make it a point to leave the space visibly cleaner. A disinfecting procedure can follow this to add value to the overall feel of the place.

Contamination and illness

Viruses, bacteria germs, mold- you name it, anything that can make your office premises its home is harmful. Our team of experts targets surfaces that are constantly touched, transferring illness from one affected person to another. One of the most prominent reasons to opt for office cleaning is reducing illness and sick days among employees. We take great care in cleaning doors, doorknobs, pantry counters, keyboards, drawer handles cabinet doors, and everything in between. You can also opt for a defogging service to improve air circulation within the office.

Ventilation and indoor air

Stuffy noses come from stuffy vents and dust-ridden carpets. Our team of expert cleaners makes sure to address the vents, ducts, carpets, and upholstery for better air circulation and to improve the overall breathability indoors.

You can opt for a carpet cleaning service to target months of dust and dirt accumulating in the carpet’s fibers. We often come across carpets that have changed color due to neglect and understand the negative impact of such a piece on your work environment. As such, to make a visible difference, we use powerful vacuums, steam cleaning, and soap washing techniques to ensure a genuine deep clean.

You will notice a difference in the appearance of the carpets and upholstery after we are done with our carpet cleaning service at your offices in Toronto.

Pest prevention

While some of these pesky creatures are solely in your office because the season changed, others may be attracted to food, garbage, and the overall uncleanliness of the office cabinets. Roaches like to make wooden fixtures their home, rats like damp mold-ridden ceilings with access to a pantry, and bed bugs well they are there for the endless supply of food that comes from anyone who steps foot in the office.

To tackle these possibilities, we use processes that keep the place clean and disinfected at a deeper level. As we offer a range of office cleaning services in Ajaxseasonal deep-cleaning is a part of what we have to offer.